In case you haven't heard, we'll be having our very first Thryft Book Fair in January 2o21! Stock up on pre-loved reads for the year ahead, or take this chance to clear out your bookshelves with us.

The event will be held over two days at two different locations. Registration is required and limited slots are available due to social-distancing measures, so be sure to book a slot quickly!

Here's a sneak peek of what you can look forward to at each day of the Thryft Book Fair:

Over 2000 Titles

With over 2000 titles to browse from, there will definitely be a book for everyone at Thryft Book Fair. We'll be bringing down a wide collection of books in art & photography, Asian literature, personal development, graphic novels, biographies, popular fiction, and more. Our booths will be restocked regularly throughout the day – regardless of whether you're the very first in the queue or only dropping by in the late afternoon, you can expect an exciting selection of books available all-day! Fret not if you're coming for both days, as we will be curating a different selection of books for each day of the Book Fair.

Pay-As-You-Wish Bargain Rack

Always on the lookout for the best deals and not fussy about the conditions of your books? Here's a lobang that you wouldn't want to miss: we'll be having a bargain rack! Prices are pay-as-you-wish with a minimum of $2 and all proceeds go to our charity partners for 2021. These are books that did not make it to the Thryft store after our stringent quality checks but hey, there's a charm about the battered pages of a timeless story too.

Non-English Books

For the first time ever, we'll be featuring a limited collection of non-English titles for sale. With books in Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and more, this is the perfect opportunity for those who are looking for a sustainable way to read a text in its original language, rekindle your relationship with your mother tongue, or practise a new language that you're learning. The non-English titles belong to our Books for Charity collection, where 50% of profits will be donated to social causes.

Sure-Win Lucky Draw

Spend $30 and above for a chance at our sure-win lucky draw! We have a wide variety of prizes available, ranging from exclusive Thryft discount codes and books to sustainable products proudly sponsored by left-handesign, Bamboo Straw Girl, and The Verdant Lab. Watch our Instagram or Facebook in the coming two weeks for a sneak peek of the goodies in store for you!

Trade-In Booth

Although our book-drops are suspended indefinitely, we have been offering free pick-up services for trade-ins of 20 books or more. For those who have less than 20 titles to trade-in, don't worry. We'll also be taking in trade-ins during our Thryft Book Fair with no minimum number of books required, so come on down and give your old books a new home.

Here are some important things to take note before dropping your books off:

Thryft's trade-in guidelines
  1. Create your Thryft account to obtain your credits with Thryft here.
  2. Gather your books and ensure that they meet our minimum trade-in guidelines as listed above.
  3. Put them in a bag or a box and label it clearly with your name, the email address tied to your Thryft account, and the number of books that you are trading-in. If you are not writing directly onto the bag or box itself, please attach your label securely to ensure that your books do not get lost.
  4. If your books are packed in multiple bags or boxes, each bag or box should be labelled with the necessary details. It would be great if you could also include the total number of bags or boxes that you'll be dropping off (e.g. if you are trading-in three bags of books, label the first bag with "1/3", the second bag with "2/3", and the third bag with "3/3").

Please follow these instructions to ensure a smooth trade-in experience and to receive your credits. Do also note that credits from trade-in will be processed and sent to your email within 14 working days after the event, so you will not be able to use your credits on the spot at the Book Fair.

You can donate your books instead of trading-in for credits too. Simply let us know at the booth, and we'll handle the rest. Thank you for contributing to our Books for Charity collection!

Ready to go? Book a free ticket for your preferred timing here to attend the Book Fair (remember to select the correct date!). Each ticket is entitled to one person's entry only, so get your friends and family to each book a ticket too if you're all coming down together. We can't wait to see you there!